Shelly Sun is one of the successful entrepreneurs today. She and her husband, J.D. Sun founded BrightStar Care. Shelly is the chief executive officer and since then she dedicated herself to be the best at everything she does to make sure that BrightStar Care will be a success. Just like any other businesses out there, Shelly experienced tough times and challenges that seem impossible to overcome. She didn’t lose hope. She used her financial knowledge as a certified public accountant along with her leadership skills, which brought BrightStar Care to what it is today.

Shelly wrote a book, “Grow Smart, Risk Less,” a book that highlights her journey as an entrepreneur and a leader. It is a perfect book for people who want to make it big in the franchising business. Shelly Sun shared her experience as an entrepreneur and the significant milestones in her life as an enterprise owner. Readers can get valuable inputs from the book such as discovering your entrepreneurial power and avoiding the pitfalls of franchising a business.

Shelly leads by example. She has been through the process of growing a company from a few bucks to a hundred million in a span of five years. The book educates franchisors on different franchising processes, making smart business decisions, and going through the process, be it a rewarding process or a brutally grueling one. Shelly Sun will teach you the tested and proven effective ways of franchising a business, creating a business model and do the necessary adjustment for optimum growth, and helping you grow as a leader so that you will be able to overcome whatever challenges that might come along the way. Whether you are a novice franchisor or has been in the business for a significant period of time, Shelly’s “Grow Smart, Risk Less” is for you.